I am Travus Hakamichi, the author and maintainer of this wiki.

Travus Hakamichi 184x184

Firstly, my name is not actually Travus Hakamichi, however this is what i call myself on the internet. I have used the name Travus for a long time now, and recently adopted the surname Hakamichi from Shizune Hakamichi and her family, characters from the visual novel Katawa Shoujo. As for why I did choose this name; It sounds nice.

Other aliases I have used from time to time are ShadowTravus and DarkTravus. And no, the name Travus has nothing to do with Travis. I only ever heard of Travis after already using Travus. The avatar i use is a edited picture of Soul Evans, a character from the anime Soul Eater. I acctually do not imagine either me nor Travus in the Arzarath Project to look like Soul Evans, however my artistic abilities are lacking and this is as good as it gets. If I ever get better at picture editing, this will change.

I am German, but have lived in Norway since 2007. I am a student and speak German, Norwegian, and English fluently. My birthday is on January 26, 1998. Some of my interests include watching anime, playing video games, reading visual novels and more. I am very interested in maths and programming as well, and spend a lot of my time doing maths and learning to program. I came up with the Arzarath Project after spending some time with BlazBlue, a game by Arc System Works. I had played it before, but then stopped for a while. After approximately three and a half years I started playing again. I started to read up on the story behind BlazBlue and got inspired. I am trying to make the Arzarath Project as different to BlazBlue as possible, however one will still find a lot of similarities between them. Noel Arikada for instance is especially similar my favorite character from BlazBlue, Noel Vermillion. They even share their first name.

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